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Few things are as important to a business as maintaining a relationship with its customers. Whether you cater to consumers or other businesses, it's important to stay up to date on evolving conversations with existing customers while also effectively managing new leads. Your customer satisfaction depends on your ability to offer attentive, personalized engagement with your clients, but your growth demands you continue seeking out new customers as well. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools do just that, helping your sales team log communications, manage leads and even build marketing campaigns. In the past, CRMs were only available to large organizations, but the rise of cloud-based services has availed CRM platforms to businesses of all sizes.
HireXpress is a dynamic application to manage your end to end process for recruitment. Implementing our CRM Application will manage your recruitment management system & Lead Management system which will help you to automate your Sales force. It helps you engage with leads, customers and get insights about your business and build a scalable sales process and grow your business faster.
Simple and straight forward user interface with a minimal learning curve.
Best-in-class sales automation features for automating your entire business process.
Spend more time interacting with your customers and less on manually entering data.
Powerful analytics and reporting that helps you make smarter business decisions.
Easily adaptable to meet different industry-specific needs.

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Candidate Sourcing and Tracking is as Effortless as Breathing

With HireXpress our goal is to automate candidate sourcing, tracking and submitting so much that you don't have to do anything other than clicking a few buttons. HireXpress does all the work while you get all the credit!

Bulk addition to job pipelines during import

Add candidates to job pipeline directly when bulk adding them in HireXpress

Effortless movement of candidates through funnel

Move candidates within a job pipeline and across multiple pipelines in seconds.

Customized client submissions in 3 clicks

Just click a few buttons and make customized candidate submissions.

Automated reminders for client submission follow-ups

Your recruitment alarm clock that reminds you when to follow up with every client.

Easy tracking of client's interest in submissions

Don't wait for client's feedback anymore. HireXpress will tell you if they are interested.

Automated reports for 360° performance tracking

Measure every aspect of your team's performance with 30+ automated reports

One Software Multiple Functions

HireXpress creates the perfect synergy between your business development team, recruiters, Key acoount managers, support team and external vendors, all within a single seamlessly integrated system. Save costs by avoiding multiple software deployments.

Integrated CRM

  • Manage all client data in one place

    All your clients and their billing in one place and seamlessly linked to jobs acquired from them.

  • Leads/opportunities to clients/jobs

    All your leads and opportunities automatically become clients and open jobs as soon as you close them.

  • Consolidated reporting for better insights

    A single integrated system helps you track jobs won from each client and salesperson in front and all associated metrics.

Integrated VMS

  • Partner and Vendor management on autopilot

    An Integrated VMS helps you acquire candidates from partner, vendors and subcontractors without any manual effort.

  • Self support Partner and Vendor portal

    Individual partner portals allow you to automate the whole process of assigning jobs to partners and receiving applications from them.

  • Partner and Vendor performance tied to job performance

    Consolidated reporting to measure performance of partners by tracking jobs won from each partner.

We Deliver Results That Matter

Increase in Candidate Pipeline
Reduction in Onboarding Time
Efficient Use of Recruiting Time
Reduction in Cost-Per-Hire
Increase in Job Fill Rate
Growth in Business Revenue

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